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Osteoarticular traumatology

Does your pet have a fracture?

We offer treatment for all types of osteoarticular fractures and traumatic injuries. Our team has extensive experience in the treatment of fractures and in the management of polytraumatized animals.

We have a technical platform and a dedicated, experienced team that has been treating traumatic injuries on a daily basis for many years.


Treatment options

In rare cases, a simple splint or external contention bandage may suffice, but surgery is often essential.

Bone healing takes 4-6 weeks in young people and 8-10 weeks in adults.

Many surgical techniques are available today. The surgeon’s choice will depend on the type of fracture, anatomical location, age, weight, complete lesion picture, etc.

The materials and techniques used are identical to those used today in human medicine:

Centromedullary nails
Compression or locking plates and screws

i-Loc locking nails

Good prognosis

Current treatments enable excellent functional recovery, with no sequelae in 95% of cases.

Example of treatment of a radius and ulna fracture in a cat


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