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Allergies are a regular cause of itching in our pets. The main allergies encountered in veterinary dermatology are flea-bite allergies, food allergies and allergies to environmental allergens: house dust mites, storage dust mites, pollens… these are known as atopy. It can be seasonal in the case of pollen allergy.

In cats

In cats, the manifestations of dermatological allergies vary: itching and ulcerations of the face, crusts all over the back, compulsive licking of certain parts of the body… Bacterial superinfections are much rarer than in dogs, but cats are capable of severe self-mutilation, causing very impressive lesions!

Multiple erythematous papules on the back of a cat allergic to flea bites

Pruritus” is the main symptom observed by the owner of an allergic cat. It can manifest itself by licking, scratching, biting or rubbing the affected areas.